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Hello and welcome to Shamack Photography. I would like to take a moment to explain here what the term ‘reportage wedding photographer’ is and how reportage style became my way of interpretation.

I have to admit that when I was a child I couldn’t imagine that I would ever travel. I was never very interested in things outside of my city. But it has changed one day. I guess this curiosity is somehow rooted in my home country’s history, closed behind an ‘Iron Curtain’ for many years. This strong desire to explore the unknown started growing when the world around me was changing.

During my personal explorations I always carried a camera with me. I wanted to capture at least a fraction of the adventure i was experiencing. Reportage photography style developed naturally. I always tried to be invisible and unobtrusive as much as possible because only this way I was able to catch the unique atmosphere of the places.

Years later I decided to become a reportage wedding photographer. Reportage style approach seemed to be a natural choice and the best option in order to show the story of your wedding day. Of course it is a story seen through my eyes so it is just an interpretation, but you are the actors here and each wedding has a unique story.

It’s odd but the only time in life when people are expected to think about their outward emotions is when a camera is present. I try to avoid this and make your wedding day as relaxed as possible. My aim is to capture many wonderful, distinctive and personal moments that occur naturally throughout the day. I am not only after “smile” type of photos. I am after all spectrum of emotions because they create true individual story and fascinating images.

Having in mind your unique story I created bespoke prices.

Please CONTACT your ‘Reportage Wedding Photographer’ to talk about your custom built package.

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