How would you define your style?

Do you take group shots?

I typically take around 5-8 group shots, which takes about 20 minutes. But I am happy to do as many group or posed shots as you require.

Do you take couple portraits?

Yes I do. Although I am a reportage wedding photographer I still take portraits shoots of a couple, family and group photographs after the ceremony. We could sneak out for about 40 minutes before the meal and take wonderful photos in a relaxed location. In addition I offer a private session on a different day just for the couple.

Portrait photos are of course optional and we will discuss the details during our meeting.

Do you direct and pose couples?

I use a wedding reportage photography style and my great intention is to be unobtrusive but I also sometimes do pose couple at certain situations. Generally I prefer to 'react to action' because it evokes emotions and natural poses.

Do you work alone?

Please let me know if you think that you might require multiple wedding photographers for your wedding day. On some occasion I work in tandem with my brother Matt who will support me to cover your wedding day at additional cost.

Please see as well.


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