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Ania and Shaun Wedding in Zakopane – Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer – Zakopane – Polish Tatra Mountains.

The below short story of Ania & Shaun says it all about this lovely couple. Their love for each other, love for nature, beautiful simplicity and love for family and friends. Their wedding day I was honoured to capture was filled with this love and truly wonderful atmosphere. Guests from England, Sweden and also far away places, like South Africa, US or Australia arrived at this picturesque little town in the heart of Polish High Tatra Mountains to enjoy these happy moments with Ania & Shaun.

Please read their story presented in their own words.

And then allow me to share with you these wonderful moments of happiness, colourful local tradition, family gathering and joy on the dance floor till early morning hours. This is the story I was privileged to photograph. Enjoy 🙂

Over a decade ago Ania’s Grandad Franciszek, a keen lover of rare birds, decided to keep ostriches on his farm in the middle of the High Tatras.As you can imagine this unusual act did not go unnoticed. Distant family and neighbours as well as random tourists were glaring at them in disbelief and were asking him: How on earth did these birds found its way here? Will they withstand the cold winters? Grandfather traded the birds after some time (not only were they running too fast but now were also laying eggs), but we think it was this prophetic event that brought us together some ten years later.

We met in London, a place with people from all over the world including an Afrikaner from Cape Town, surrounded by two oceans and tropical climate and a Polish girl from a small town surrounded by snowy mountain peaks and forests. We soon found out that although coming from two different parts of the world, we somehow shared the same values: family, friends, freedom, space and an undying attachment to the soil 🙂 So rather than a formal social event, we want our wedding to be a celebration of being ourselves between our family and friends.” Ania & Shaun

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